Wednesday, November 7, 2012



I am happy about Obama's re-election and happy that Elizabeth Warren has won the Senate seat in Massachusetts. She is the greatest, and yes, even though I'm in Wisconsin and obviously she's not my senator, I am still thrilled nonetheless. I love her views and her passion in advocating for consumers and the middle class.

Here in Wisconsin, I'm glad that Tammy Baldwin won for Senate. Wisconsin puzzles me a bit though. Obama took Wisconsin last night, but yet, Republicans have control of state government, and then of course, there's Scott Walker's win in the recall election awhile back. So hmm..... we are obviously a very conflicted and unpredictable state here in Wisconsin.

On another note, seriously, can we get some technology infused into the voting process? It's 2012.


derp said...

i didn't even get home and open a bottle to relax and catch what was going on. i guess i was drinking for the after party :P

20 women now in the senate of 100. ladies representing these days.

MyBeautifulMalcontent said...

What after party? Did ya have fun? :)

Really? I didn't know that 20 women are now in the senate. That's great news! About time.

derp said...

made a mixtape.

MyBeautifulMalcontent said...

derp, thank you so much!

I look forward to listening to them. :)