Monday, November 19, 2012

Gratitude and a Happy Thanksgiving

I'm grateful for the ability to think, the passion to keep on learning, and the skills to teach what I learn to others. Life would be mighty boring, if I could not do that everyday.

I’m also grateful for being here in America where hard work pays off. I look at my parents, and I'm reminded of how they came to this country as refugees with nothing but hopes and dreams. I'm thankful for the hard work they put in to raise my 8 siblings and me and to give us the chance to fulfill those hopes and dreams.

And last but not least, I’m thankful for my beautiful, healthy family:
-       my husband, who is so kind, affectionate, and young at heart
-       my oldest daughter, who is so smart, caring, and full of talents she has yet to realize and embrace
-       my middle daughter, who is athletic, talented in writing, and so motherly to her little sister
-       my youngest daughter, whose songs, silliness, and drawings always make our family smile

So much to appreciate.  :)

~ Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. ~

Our Thanksgiving feast...
stuffing, yams, noodles, spring rolls, pepper sauce, mashed potatoes, turkey

one of our two turkeys

green bean casserole and scalloped potatoes

cherry pie, pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin bars

blackberry and blueberry margarita. yum! out for drinks and a movie with my sisters and sister-in-law


derp said...

did you make turkey for them for your gratefulness? show us if you did. thanks.

MyBeautifulMalcontent said...

I didn't make the turkeys but my sister and sister-in-law did. I made yams and a noodle dish...will update this post with some pics.

derp said...

wow! looks delicious! i myself spent the day cooking turkey for my housemate and his mother. it was just the three of us so i made turkey and a side of ranch bacon pasta dish. i think i was more proud of the ranch bacon pasta dish than the turkey since the pasta dish was my first time : )

anyhow, i made a mixtape. hope you enjoy it. wishing your family happy goodness this winter yo

MyBeautifulMalcontent said...

Sweet! Thank you for the music, derp. I am downloading it right now. :) Btw, I enjoyed the Oliver Tank one ("Up All Night") the most out of the last mixtape you gave me. I also liked Daughter and Parallel Lion. Where do you find these artists?

Sounds like you had a good Thanksgiving.. yum, the ranch bacon pasta sounds good. Do you have a recipe?

derp said...

Oliver Tank does such a good job on his music and i've been listening to "daughter" for the longest time now. her music is so smoothing and fitting. how do i find these artist? LOL, i'm not sure really... i just look over the internet and they appear. actually, i find that people to say that "good" music is dead" just don't look hard enough. take a band like "belle and Sebastian" who had to create cult popularity through endless gigs and traveling but still made it big in the indie world.. balh blah blah. don't wanna bore you with music history. in any case... i'm glad that you like the playlist. you're one of the few who does.
here is a recipe for bacon ranch pasta. it's very simple and delicious. please post it up if you make it ; )

derp said...
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Neva Modzelewski said...

Same as you, I have so much to be thankful for, and not just for 2012. Anyway, I see that you had the turkeys already cut and sliced. Traditionally, we plate the turkey whole and place it in the middle of our table. Also, we see to it that we have a very good cranberry sauce paired with it and some good baked pies. =)

Neva Modzelewski

MyBeautifulMalcontent said...

Neva, hi there! Yes, we usually cut and slice the turkey beforehand. I generally make a cranberry sauce too, but this year I didn't because it's usually just my husband, my sister, and me who like to eat it. Same thing with the yams; nobody eats it but us three.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way!