Thursday, January 24, 2013


Goals for me are the foundation of life. They are the structure on which I build my family, friends, education, and profession. Everything I do, I try to ensure it revolves around my goals. That's how I know if I'm on the right path.

If you're struggling in life, remember this: as long as you have goals, you can endure the most difficult of situations, even the most torturous.

Goals need to be written down, not just thought of. They need to be revised from time to time. They need to be exact and specific. They need to have a time line. Goals need to be visible to you as a reminder, so put them in a location you will always see. Revisit them from time to time.

Without goals, you lose your purpose, and breathing becomes hard.

That's how important goals are. They are your breath. Don't underestimate them.

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